Get High

I like to get high To help clear my mind It helps me feel alright Puts all my worries aside Lets me know I’ll be just fine It’ll all work out in time Try to sit back and enjoy the ride This is what life feels like simplified It wont leave you dissatisfied But this […]


2-4-18 Hey everyone! I’m sorry I’ve slipped up on posting! It has been a busy couple of days. I had some family issues to work out, Super Bowl party, and now I am at home looking into school! I want to start college and have been do practice placement assessments! But I am still writing. […]

Miss It All

I miss how everything used to be I miss having you next to me I would do anything for you to see But you don’t even acknowledge me It really hurts to a certain degree I wish i didn’t just watch you leave I don’t want us to argue and disagree I just want you […]

Daily Check-In

2-1-18 Okay so today- after not sleeping because i was stressing over it and in pain- i got all 4 wisdom teeth pulled! It literally took less than 5 minutes. And i was shocked. My whole face was numb a couple of hours. But the numbing sensation has worn away and even just after the […]

Daily Check-In

1-31-18 I am going to do a daily check-in. This being the first. I was supposed to work today, but then my wisdom teeth really started hurting. I mean, I took one bite of a piece of bread and cried because it hurt so much. So i made a dentist appointment. Got my x-rays and […]

For A Woman

So, my favorite thing to ever hear is the whole “that’s impressive for a woman” or “not bad for a woman”. I work in automotives. I have for 6 years. Im a 5’6″ 145 lb. girl. Petite but healthy, you know. Today, at my job, i was busting tires off rims and prepping for the […]

Until We Meet Again

You stuck by me through the best and worst of times I never thought about what would happen if you were to die You were there when i felt like i had nothing in life And taught me to never back down from the worst of life’s fights We used to kick back drink and […]